Why We

Whether you are trying to maximize your B2B or B2C results, or a combination of the two, Ape solutions can provide you with the support you need to reach your goals.

Revenues :

The Group derives its revenues primarily from software services & projects, call center & business process outsourcingoperations, infrastructure outsourcing services and from licensing arrangements & application services. Revenues from software services & projects comprise income from time and material and fixed price contracts. Revenues fromcall center & business process outsourcing operations arise from both time based and unit priced client contracts. Revenues from infrastructure outsourcing services arises from time and material contracts. Revenue from licensing arrangments is recognised on transfer of the title in user licenses, except those contracts which require significant implementation services, where revenue is recognized over the implemention period in accodnce with the specific terms of the contracts wiht clients. Maintenance revenue is recognied raleably over the period of undrelying mainteance agreements.

Cost of Revenues :

Cost of revenues primarily consists of salary and other employee compensation expenses, staff welfare expenses, rent, depreciation,data communication expences and link charges, computer maintenance and foreign travel expences.In the software dwvwlopment business,the group depreciates all computers over two years, buildings over ten years,plant & machinery as well as furniture & fixtures over four years, office equipments and vehicles over three to five years.Leasehold improvements are depriciated over the initial period of the lease or over three years, whichever is lower.Third party software is expenced in the period in which it is aquired, whereas significant purchased application software which is integral to group’s computer systems are capitalised and amortised over the estimated useful life of the software or three years which ever is lower. In the call centre and business process outsourcing business the assets are depriciated over five years expected vehicles & buildings, which are depriciated over three years and ten years,respectively. The group assumes full project management responsibility for each project that it undertakes.